Code of Conduct & Waiver 



You and your party agree to abide by this Code of Conduct:


PLEASE stay at home if you / your party are:-

  • Feeling sick

  • Recently returned from travel outside of Canada

  • Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid19 within the last 14 days.


OBSERVE COVID19 signage posted


FACE MASK - Please ensure a face mask is worn inside all public spaces.


HAND WASHING/SANITIZING: Practice diligent hand hygiene at all times by washing with soap and water/alcohol based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.  


LIMIT TOUCH POINTS : Please be mindful of high touch areas and objects; ensure you wash/sanitize your hands after coming into contact with common areas.


  • Please limit your time in these areas

  • Be considerate of and allow for safe personal distancing - please do not overcrowd inside spaces; please wait outside.


SOCIAL DISTANCING: You and your party must practice social distancing by always maintaining 2 metres (6 feet) of separation from anyone else at the campground.


In support of public health recommendations of social distancing, the maximum occupancy for a campsite is 8 people at any time.   Please maintain your “social bubble” – keep 2 metres distance from those not in your camping party.


PARENTS/CHILDREN: Parents are expected to help their children navigate physical distancing guidelines and adhere to posted signs. 


VISITORS: We strongly discourage visitors at this time.  Please keep your socializing safe by limiting visitors to your campsite.


IRREGULARITIES: If you come across someone not maintaining the 2-metre (6 feet) social distancing requirement or mask requirement, please kindly remind them of the rule.  Please de-escalate any confrontational situations and if needed report the situation to the office.

Failure to comply with this code of conduct and notices posted may result in eviction from the campground without refund for your stay.

BE KIND AND SUPPORTIVE: Please remember we are all in this together!



Assumption of Risk and WAIVER and Release of Claims


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - These conditions will affect your legal rights.


“Activities” shall mean, without limitation, all activities in any way associated with or related to water sports, recreational vehicle camping, hiking, fishing and any recreational activities offered by Lamplighter Campground, including training and instruction, as well as but not limited to use of play structures, picnic areas, fields, sports fields, beaches, lakes, man-made lakes, swimming pools, parks, trails, walking paths, roads, grounds and parking lots.


“Property” shall mean, without limitation, any premises, lands, buildings, facilities, play structures, fields, sports fields, beaches, lakes, man-made lakes, swimming pools, parks, trails, walking paths, roads, grounds and parking lots and equipment owned or leased by Lamplighter Campground.  


“Resort User” shall mean all adults, children or wards in the registered parties group.


In consideration of Lamplighter Campground allowing the RESORT USER onto its Property to use and enjoy the Property and to participate in Activities, the RESORT USER agrees as follows:


1. The Resort User assumes and accepts, without limitation, all risks and dangers associated with the RESORT USER’S use and enjoyment of the Property and participation in any of the Activities.

2. The Resort User ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY for understanding and following the rules and safe practices associated with the use and enjoyment of the Property, participation in any of the Activities, and for his or her own personal safety.

3. The Resort User WAIVES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS that he or she has or may have in the future against Lamplighter Campground and its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated entities and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, contractors and assigns arising from or connected, directly or indirectly, with the RESORT USER’S presence at, or use and enjoyment of the Property, and the RESORTUSER’S presence at, or participation in, any of the Activities.

4. The Resort user RELEASES Lamplighter Campground from any and all liability for any loss, damage, physical injury, illness or expense that he or she may suffer or incur by reason of his or her presence at, or use and enjoyment of, the Property, and presence at, or participation in, any of the Activities, due to any cause whatsoever, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF CONTRACT, OR BREACH OF ANY STATUTORY DUTY OF CARE, INCLUDING ANY DUTY OF CARE OWED UNDER ANY APPLICABLE OCCUPIERS’ LIABILITY LEGISLATION ON THE PART OF (INSERT PROPERTY NAME), OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS, OR ANYONE ELSE.

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